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Networking Contractors to Deliver Better Third-Party Services

ServiceNetwork™ helps unify and simplify contract service for both Service Providers and Authorizers.

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ServiceCentral offers unique, integrated software, ServiceNetwork, that instantly networks and manages the relationship between service providers and authorizers (TPAs) to help extend repairs, returns, and other product service fulfillment to consumers in local markets. Whether you’re an OEM or insurance company looking to manage and grow your partner network, or a service provider looking to increase and improve your contract service work, we can help.

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Network Hub

Easily connect, through a single platform, one-to-many authorizer systems with one or thousands of contractors ready to provide service in your local areas.

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Business Intelligence

As a provider or authorizer, see real-time reporting showing referred jobs statuses, SLAs, resolutions, and financial reconciliation.

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Service Programs

Manage rules required to create and manage your unique service level agreements including certifications, pricing, and fulfillment requirements.

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Technician Workflow

Guide service technicians through the required steps necessary to meet authorizer requirements, provide approved services, and ensure success.

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Provider Onboarding and Management

Select, onboard, then manage your service providers network, their eligibility, work in progress, service history, and program success.

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